Promo page is under construction temporarily.  

   We have removed many videos from this page temporarily and will be replacing them with new             updated 2019. links during the month of June and July. We have left a few videos up for your               enjoyment until  completion.

                                                   Thank you for your patience.

   If you wish to view any of the 20 videos that are no longer posted you have visited in the past you

   may send a request through our contact page and we will be happy to send you a link.

ANOTHER JOURNEY  is also very excited to introduce and officially move Paul Hemond into our full time frontman position.  He will be performing all future upcoming shows and events.

If you would like to sample Paul's exceptional voice and uncanny ability to sound exactly like Steve Perry 

please visit the video below.

To all or fantastic fans worldwide, thank you for your continued  support.