Steve Valenti        The founder and leader of this amazing show!  Steve is, by far, the best Neal Schon tribute guitarist in the industry with incredible note-for-note accuracy and Neal’s exact sounds, tones,and playing style. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Steve is a veteran guitarist and  has performed live with many famous artists and also as a premium session player in Los Angeles, CA for many years along with international touring experience as well. Steve gained  invaluable behind-the-scenes insights into the group Journeys touring show while having the honor of being in an opening act for Journey many years ago. This experience led to a respect for Journeys talents and the his desire to create the best Journey Tribute show possible, culminating into this top rated Journey tribute:  Another Journey!


                               Is an amazing keyboardist, vocalist, actor, songwriter, engineer and producer.

He is a super Jonathan Cain fan and is meticulous in replicating the exact style and sounds of his number one favorite keyboardist.

​He has toured with many well know artist such as Bobby Kimball of Toto and others over the years

performing shows from small to major arena's worldwide for many years. We are very lucky to have his expert abilities in our line up to capture and give us the ultimate Journey sounds with 100% accuracy and is a very down to earth fan loving individual at every show.

James Raleigh


                              A veteran player who can amaze and humble even the best drummers in the  world.  He too has also worked with many known artists and has performed internationally. Jim completely captures the amazing playing styles of the incredible Journey drummers Deen Castronovo, Aynsley Dunbar, and Steve Smith with skill and accuracy.  Jim is a real powerhouse and one of the finest players to ever take the stage with every style   from progressive - Jazz - classic rock . 

Barry  Allen 

                                          "Paul Hemond" is one of the very best Steve Perry tribute vocalist 

 front-man in the business that we have the honor of him being part of the some of the very best tribute

 artist. In addition he is a Vocal Coach and an author on a series of vocal instructional books.

Paul is a resident of detroit Michigan and also an independent business owner.

Paul has performed with many well known artist over the years. You are guaranteed to here a striking  resemblance to the real Steve Perry.

High energy is what you will get every time with an amazing  performance with excellent vocals along with some of the best audience banter in true Steve Perry fashion. He is essential to our show in capturing the very essence of  what excelled Journey to       

become one rocks most iconic bands.

Jonathan Harris


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Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, ANOTHER JOURNEY is considered by most fans and clients to currently be the greatest live international Journey tribute show band to ever hit the stage. Established in 2011, we strive to capture the very essence of one of rock's greatest living legends

“Journey” with amazing power and accuracy. Only the very best lineup of professional tribute artist and top performers in the industry were selected to provide a very versatile show experience.

This group focuses on the Journey of today and yesterday which has brought worldwide success   for Journey up until this very day!
However there is one exception!  The group’s presentation provides what most Journey fans wish, which is that Steve Perry had never left the band.  
 ANOTHER JOURNEY provides that fantasy!

This amazing show has such a high sell out rate and is why it has gained the attention of many in the tribute community as the very best and more in demand each year worldwide.
See why ANOTHER JOURNEY can only be rivaled by Journey itself. 
People love to sing along to all of Journey's greatest hits and can’t stay seated.
ANOTHER JOURNEY have been performing concerts at casinos, resorts, theaters, corporate shows, festivals, arenas, military bases and more worldwide.  With over 1.7 million fans currently, they are the most accurate Journey tribute show to date and always presenting a first rate show. Having the full look of Journey with 100% note-for-note accuracy provides a truly realistic and powerful Journey concert experience!

                               Johnny hails from Brea, CA and his bass playing provides the   fantastic rock-solid foundation of our overall sound.  He is a very talented musician with world touring experience as well.  Johnny is an amazing bass player and lead vocalist who has taken on the roles of Journey bassist Ross Valory and the lead vocal parts of  Gregg Rolie.  His note-for-note precision and tones on the bass,great vocals, and exceptional professionalism make him an essential member of this great tribute lineup.

Steve Valenti