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amazing show!

                                                          Tribute to Journey ANOTHER JOURNEY 
Currently is the greatest live international Journey tribute show to ever hit the stage.
Established in 2011. They capture the very essence of one of rock's greatest living

legends "Journey" with amazing note for note power and accuracy.  Provided is the

very best lineup of professional tribute artist in every show and being the most extreme

and talented tribute players and top performers in the industry. 
Focusing on the Journey of yesterday and today with worldwide success that still

continues to this very day!
However ​there is one exception! Their presentation reflects the group Journey of today

with the wish that most Journey fans dream of , which is as if Steve Perry had never left the band........
Journey fans have always said they wish this was true so ANOTHER JOURNEY

does their best to provide that fantasy with this great show.

This amazing show has such a high sell out rate and is why it has risen to the attention

of many in the tribute industry and is becoming more in demand each year worldwide. 
Guaranteed to provide the full experience with their appearance and sound
Fans deserve when seeing a professional tribute show to experience the full effect

and illusion that they should expect and is always provided by this amazing group.

Fans everywhere agree that when experiencing Tribute to Journey ANOTHER JOURNEY

it is truly like watching the real Journey at their very best with the finest reproduction of Journey of today. 

See why ANOTHER JOURNEY can only be rivaled by Journey itself. 
Come sing along to all of Journey's greatest hits with this can,t stay seated show!

           This show is available as a 60 to 120 minute live concert

If you are a true Journey fan, this is an absolute must see performance that

will amaze you in every way once you have seen this awesome group!

YOU ​​​​WON'T STOP BELIEVING! ​​​​                                                                                      





​​Special performance in Doha Qatar for our Men and Women at As Sayliyah

Area  support group army base in honor of the sacrifice of them and their family .​