Ninja “Dave” Adkins– The best Steve Perry vocal impersonator we could have ever asked          for! He has performed with many well-known artists over the years; too many to list       here. Clients and guests are always guaranteed to see a high-energy performance at our shows    from this amazing front man! He absolutely captures Steve Perry’s mannerisms,   appearance,   command of the stage, likeability, and passion in his performances. He has been    fronting   quality Journey tribute shows as Steve Perry for over 20 years. Seeing Dave perform   is worth   the price of admission alone! You will be amazed every moment of our show!

 Jim “Animal” Raleigh – A veteran player who can amaze and humble even the best drummers   in the world.  He too has worked with many known artists and has performed internationally.   Jim completely captures the amazing playing styles of the incredible Journey drummers Deen   Castronovo, Aynsley Dunbar, and Steve Smith with skill and accuracy. 

 Jim is a real powerhouse and one of the finest players to ever take the stage.

 Barry Allen – Keyboardist extraordinaire!  Barry is a great keyboard player and vocalist.  He   also is an actor, songwriter, sound engineer and producer.  Barry has many years of experience   under his belt and has toured with many famous artists over the past decades.  He totally   captures and reproduces the intricate palate of sounds created by the great Jonathan Cain of   Journey and provides amazingly accurate high-energy performances.

 Jonathan “Johnny Rockstar” Harris – Johnny hails from Brea, CA and his bass playing             provides the fantastic rock-solid foundation of our overall sound.  He is a very talented   musician with world touring experience as well.  Johnny is an amazing bass player and lead   vocalist who has taken on the roles of Journey bassist Ross Valory and the lead vocal parts of   Gregg Rolie.  His note-for-note precision and tones on the bass, great vocals, and exceptional      professionalism make him an essential member of this great tribute lineup.

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 Steve Valenti – The founder and leader of this amazing show!  Steve is, by far, the best Neal       Schon tribute guitarist in the industry with incredible note-for-note accuracy and Neal’s exact   sounds, tones, and playing style. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Steve is a veteran A-List lead   and rhythm guitarist and has performed with many fine artists such as Roger Glover of Deep   Purple, John Elephante of Kansas, and as a premium session player in Los Angeles, CA for   many years. He has worked with many know national artists and also has international touring   experience. Steve gained invaluable behind-the-scenes insights into the Journey touring show   while having the honor of being in an opening act for Journey. This experience led to a               

 renewed respect for Journey’s talents and the desire to create the best Journey Tribute show          possible, culminating into this top rated Journey tribute:  Another Journey!