Tribute to Journey ANOTHER JOURNEY is a professional tribute band limited to providing entertainment in the  form of impersonation only. We do not imply that we are the original group Journey or endorsed by the  group  Journey.

 We do not permit the copying of any material available through any media source we advertise on.

 We do not sell or distribute any material that is the sole copyright of the group Journey and only provide all that  you see and hear to solicit live performance engagements, and to provide a sample of our talent.

 All video and audio is not performed by the group Journey within this website.

 All songs performed by the group ANOTHER JOURNEY within remain the the intellectual property of their  respective copyright and trademark holders and there is no deliberate attempt to mislead the general public.  

 We only pay the highest tribute to this artist by replication.

 Respectfully Tribute to Journey ANOTHER JOURNEY.

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